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US kills gaza move in UN

US kills gaza move in UN

UNITED NATIONS/jerusalem: The United States yesterday vetoed an Arab-backed draft resolution at the UN Security Council, which would have called on Israel to end its deadly military operation in the Gaza Strip, even as Israeli and Palestinian officials started secret talks to bring to an end the Israeli operations in Gaza.

The clear link of Elections, Iran and al-Qaeda

By REZA GHORASHI professor of political economy

The buzz about Iran's possible facilitation of Al-Qaeda's 9-11 terrorist movement has hit the airwaves. NBC, for example, had two segments on Iran in its July 19 ­04 national news. NBC's news editors are well aware of significance of allotting so much of their 20+ minutes of news to this subject. "National media" such as Washington Post and Time magazine have devoted valuable space to the issue. President Bush promised to "look into the facts" about Al-Qaeda members' crossing Iran on their way to the US.
What he didn't say is the fact that no one can come to the US directly from Iran (legally or otherwise). These terrorists must have gone through a number of other countries. Turkey? UAE? Others? It doesn't seem that Mr. Bush will "look into the facts"to see how these terrorists managed to cross those other, friendly, countries. It is also alleged that Iranian border authorities have no…

Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short

UPI Says By Mark Benjamin, UPI Published: September 15, 2004
NEW YORK (UPI) Nearly 17,000 service members medically evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan are absent from public Pentagon casualty reports commonly cited by newspapers, according to military data reviewed by United Press International. Most don't fit the definition of casualties, according to the Pentagon, but a veterans' advocate said they should all be counted.

Muslim Night Prayer and the Human Body Clock

By Hwaa Irfan
The sleep-wake cycle of the pineal gland becomes disrupted as we increasingly eat, socialize and sleep not questioning the psychological and physical effects of our pre-occupations. In trying to keep up with the schedules of the day it becomes increasingly difficult to switch-off the problems of the outside world we take home affecting domestic commitments.

When the sun sets, the pineal gland shifts gear and produces its primary hormone melatonin in larger quantities until it peaks from 2 – 3.00a.m in the morning (Majidali p.7). It is a derivative of the amino acid trytophan, and rises and falls daily within our blood according to the circadian cycle (Ultranet p.1). This cycle sets the biological clocks, turns on the immune system and inhibits tumor promoters like estrogen (Penton p.1) Jet-lag is a disturbance in this cycle (Sleep p.7).
The center of navigation in birds and other animals, th…