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Sensex , NIFTY, FTSE 250, FTSE100 important support levels. Dow jones in volatile territory

Sensex, FTSE 250, FTSE 100 appear to be near a reversal which means they will now enter an uptrend. Dow jones NASDAQ is in a neutral/volatile trend and is unlikely to go into uptrend for a few weeks. But if Sensex falls below 16141 or nifty falls below 4845, Downtrend will continue for about 2 weeks. If FTSE 250 falls below 9896 or FTSE100 falls below 5092 the same applies as above. If DJI falls below 10850, we may see further slipping to quite lower levels of around 10000

The Black money trail !!

Investment firms nervous about the stock market for the next 1-2 years.
Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Moroney, chief investment officer at Hammond, Indiana-based Horizon Investment Services, talks about the global economy and financial markets. 
His opinion as shown in this video: Stocks going to take a plunge Probability of good returns in stocks bought now is only after 3-5 years. A bad performing stock market will continue.

What to the bestperforming funds do ? In July 2007, more than a year before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LEHMQ), the newsletter cited “pervasive fragility” in the financial system. So Pure Alpha II piled into T
The article below is for guidance only and I dont recommend investing exactly on the same lines as they may not be largely ethical and shariah tolerant. See
Dalio, 62, built Bridgewater into the world's largest macro hedge-fund firm, with $122 billion in total assets, by tacking against consensus. He's created a distinct workplace culture and a research-driven investing process that spreads risk across scores of markets, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its October special issue on the 50 Most Influential people in global finance. "Making money is a zero-sum game, so to be successful you have to be willing to stand apart from the crowd," Dalio says. "And you have to be right." The founder was right often enough during and after the worst financial crisis in decades starting in 2008, helping to cement his re…

Downtrend observed in most markets - invest cautiously

Europe FTSE: 2-4 week uptrend expected
Dow Jones: 2-4 week uptrend expected
Australia: shows a downtrend
India: The market is in a a clear downtrend since the past three months and not yet reversed.
Brazil, one of the emerging markets is in a clear downtrend^BVSP#symbol=%5Ebvsp;range=5y;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=;
We can buy good performing stocks for short term at the present condition and a surprising and sudden market fall is unlikely in the next 2-4 weeks. Wait for trend reversal for buying stocks safely.