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Consultancy advising three Types of People to Fire Immediately

1. The Victims
"Can you believe what they want us to do now? And of course we have no time to do it. I don't get paid enough for this. The boss is clueless." Victims are people who see problems as occasions for persecution rather than challenges to overcome. We all play the role of victim occasionally, but for some, it has turned into a way of life. These people feel persecuted by humans, processes, and inanimate objects with equal ease—they almost seem to enjoy it. They are often angry, usually annoyed, and almost always complaining. Just when you think everything is humming along perfectly, they find something, anything, to complain about. At Halloween parties, they're Eeyore, the gloomy, pessimistic donkey from the Winnie the Pooh stories—regardless of the costume they choose. Victims aren't looking for opportunities; they are looking for problems. Victims can't innovate. So if you want an innovative team, you simply can't include victims. Fire the vict…

India : the contribution of consumer goods in the index of industrial production has dropped from more 8% in October 2010 to below 4% in August of this year.

By Devita SarafThis has been the season of the Great Diwali Disappointment for many retailers across brands and cities in a clear sign of the slowing of our economic growth.Rajesh Kumar Singh/Associated Press Gold jewelry as showcased in a shop ahead of Diwali, Allahabad, Oct. 24. While we may not be in crisis mode like many European nations, we can expect a long period of little growth. According to reports by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the contribution of consumer goods in the index of industrial production has dropped from more 8% in October 2010 to below 4% in August of this year.

Corporate Culture

UK consuming less and less resources

UK food and other resources consumption falling? From food to paper and water, Britain has gradually been guzzling less over the past decade. Why?

Peak stuff: the data
Tim Jackson: 'Peak stuff' message is cold comfort reddit thisComments (158), Monday 31 October 2011 20.00 GMT

MF Global files for bankruptcy amid eurozone crisis

MF Global files for bankruptcy amid eurozone crisis, Monday 31 October 2011 16.26 GMTArticle historyJon Corzine, chairman and chief executive officer of MF Global, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after revealing $6.3bn of eurozone debt exposure. Photograph: Andrew Harper/Pool/EPA MF Global, a US-basedfuturesbroker that can trace its roots back to 18th-century London, yesterday became the first major US casualty of the eurozone debt crisis by filing for bankruptcy protection, putting 3,000 jobs at risk after a rescue takeover failed to materialise.Run by the former governor of New Jersey and ex-Goldman Sachs boss Jon Corzine, the firm ran into difficulty after taking bets last year in the expectation that the price of government bonds in troubled eurozone countries would rise, amassing a $6.3bn (£3.9bn) position in the process. Instead they fell further as ri…