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Great places to eat in Lucknow

1. Idris Hotel Located Opposite Patanala Police Station, Chowk- Officially the best biryani in all of Lucknow. They have the softest meat and the most divine aroma when the waiter brings the biryani to you! "Idris ki Biryani" as it is popularly known.. Here Is The Man Behind Creating This Magical Biryani-the son of Idrisji Source: 2. Tunday Kababi Located in Naaz Cinema Road, this legendary place has the best mutton korma with sheermal- the gravy is so rich in flavors, you want to just take an eternity while eating every bite! Source: 3. Royal Cafe Located in 51, Hazratganj-This place is famous for it's basket chat. Aloo tikki, dahi bara, matar kulcha are some of the dishes one must certainly try and they are hygienic as well. (they seve gol gappas made wit mineral water)

Rising prices: Inflation: from 2004 to 2014, the money in circulation has increased from 3600 billion to 12000 billion INR.

With several years of sustained inflation and economic growth, the money in circulation was sure to rise. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI),Rs.14.265 trillion in currency notes was in circulation on 20 March, accounting for 12.3% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP). This is up from Rs.12.835 trillion a year ago.

The two highest denominations (Rs.500 and Rs.1,000) have seen the highest growth rates by far, followed by the Rs.20 note. The Rs.50 note has seen a sharp decline in production. The RBI gets the most value for every note printed of these denominations (in terms of cost as a percentage of value of the note). Add to that the fact that the higher denominations see far less wear and tear and so have to be replaced less frequently, and it looks like printing money will gradually become cheaper for the RBI

10,000 Start-ups programme a boon for entrepreneurs

Till about two years ago, only about 100 technology were funded a year, despite the fact that the information technology (IT) services sector had a workforce of three million. But after Nasscom launched the 10,000 Start-ups programme, that number had doubled to 200 start-ups through last year, Rajan Anandan, Google's India chief, told Business Standard in a recent interview.

The buzz around start-ups in India is unmistakable. Various corporate houses, white-collar executives and governments are contributing towards building an exciting entrepreneurship environment in the country, and Nasscom's year-old initiative is a significant stakeholder in this. The programme, in which both Google and Microsoft are partners, has completed a year and has entered its third phase. This comes on the heels of the IT industry body receiving flak for being too "IT" driven, and not taking up the cause of products and start-ups enough.

This programme, however, has proved to be a …

Rare pictures of human suffering during partition of India (warning: Graphic content)

Rare pictures of human suffering during partition of India

A family is left behind by their Caranvan due to inability of the man to walk due to exhaustion.