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Real estate: Tamil Nadu govt launches a highly useful website for buyers based on RERA guidelines

Tamil Nadu RERA has launched a portal to ease the working.  It is  Public may view the details of the agents, their names, registration numbers as well as their address. With RERA, there would be mandatory disclosure of project details, including those of the promoter, project, land status and clearances. This would increase the credibility of developers and protect consumer rights as well.

The Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) is a revolutionary step which will change the way real estate business is done in India. Its implementation will ensure financial discipline, transparency and compliance in the sector. This Act is customer-centric and upholds builder's accountability which will make the sector more process driven and quality-oriented.

New machine learning tools by Microsoft

For developers, the company launched three major new tools today: the Azure Machine Learning Experimentation service, the Azure Machine Learning Workbench and the Azure Machine Learning Model Management service.In addition, Microsoft also launched a new set of tools for developers who want to use its Visual Studio Code IDE for building models with CNTK, TensorFlow, Theano, Keras and Caffe2. And for non-developers, Microsoft is also bringing Azure-based machine learning models to Excel users, who will now be able to call up the AI functions that their company's data scientists have created right from their spreadsheets.Ref

'AI may take away jobs, but will create new ones' say industry experts at ISB Hyderabad

Experts from Google, Amazon, Mphasis NEXT Labs and Kalaari Capital participate in an interactive session at ISB Hyderabad.
Artificial intelligence (AI) was the new electricity and it can almost be described the second industrial revolution. It would affect everyone and pervade all sectors from education to health, fintech, agriculture and old school industries in the next 5 to 10 years, said experts at a panel discussion.India should gear up for the entrepreneurial and job opportunities that would come out of new technology, they emphasised.Experts from Google, Amazon, Mphasis NEXT Labs and Venture Capital company Kalaari Capital participated in an interactive session on 'Technology Tomorrow' as part of the ISB Leadership Summit-2017 held at Indian School of Business here on Saturday.Pankaj Gupta, Director of Engineering, Google Next Billion Users, said students should ignore the sensational newspaper headlines about the impact of AI, but listen to the experts involved in the t…

Alibaba's founder Jack Ma says we are teaching wrong things to kids and putting the future in danger

He said, We're teaching children the wrong thing: that machines are better than humans. He believes this mindset will cost young people jobs in a future dominated by AI and computing.Rather than encouraging humans to become more like machines, we should be building our machines to be more like humans, he suggested."A machine does not have a heart, [a] machine does not have soul, and [a] machine does not have a belief. Human being have the souls, have the belief, have the value; we are creative, we are showing that we can control the machines,"

Protect your plot in India. Put a board with your contact number on your open plot.