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Forbes 2013 Power Ranking- Putin at no.1

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN TOPS FORBES’ 2013 RANKING OF THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE Barack Obama Drops To No. 2 Spot On 5th Annual List, Plus An Exclusive Look Into Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s Great Economic Transformation New York, NY (October 30, 2013) –Russian President Vladimir Putin (No. 1) takes the top spot on Forbes’ fifth annual ranking of “The World’s Most Powerful People” (p. 136), as he continues to solidify control over Russia and the international stage.  President Barack Obama(No. 2)dropped from the number one spot, followed by General Secretary, Communist Party of China Xi Jinping (No. 3)Pope Francis (No.4) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (No. 5).  Rounding out the Top 10 are Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Co-chair Bill Gates (No. 6), U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke (No. 7), Saudi Arabia King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (No. 8), European Central Bank PresidentMario Draghi (No. 9 ), andthe highest ranking active business person on…

Google, Microsoft develop new ways to snoop on you

On its face, this sounds like it should be a relief to many consumers: less tracking, more privacy. But in reality, the opposite may be true, says tech writer Bob Sullivan, author of the book “Gotcha Capitalism.” “You’ll still be getting tracked, and now you’ll be getting tracked more effectively,” says Anthony Mullen, a senior analyst at Forrester Research. It should be noted Google isn’t the only one snooping on Google searches: The NSA has reportedly hacked Google so it can spy on searches. In fact, the tech giants would use their new systems to harness that tracking data themselves, the Wall Street Journal reports. Facebook’s new ad service places Facebook code on retailers’ sites so that the retailer can put an ad on Facebook’s mobile app. Google will use a unique ID that could help it connect data from users across its suite of products, including Gmail, the Chrome browser, and Android phones, the Journal reports. Microsoft will use a unique identifier to help marketers follow …

A really secure way for online shopping

The actual debit card number is never used in the online transactions. Therefore, there is no risk of the actual card number getting exposed during the online transaction on the merchant website.netc@rd will be valid for a limited period only ie. maximum 48 hours. This can however be changed by the Bank from time to time.netc@rd can be used at any online merchant site that accepts Visa Cards, thereby providing a secure online payment facility.Netc@rd Refund Process :
Refund of a netc@rd created and never used will be done within 48 hours.
Refund of a netc@rd created and partially used will be done within 48 hours if successful settlement received.
Refund of a netc@rd created and partially used will be done within 35 working days if successful settlement not received or the settlement amount do not match with the transaction amount.netc@rd can be created either through Kotak Net Banking or at the merchant site through &quo…

Save your Provident Fund account from fraud: Don't keep PF accounts idle

It is easy for fraudsters to withdraw from such accounts, as these aren't monitored regularly. And, you may be left to fight a long battle
Don’t miss transferring or withdrawing from the account when you switch jobs. Are you one of the many who have either not withdrawn from their (PF) accounts or not transferred the balance when you switched jobs? Here’s some bad news: Reports say through fake withdrawal claims, fraudsters have siphoned off money from about 20 million provident fund accounts. Many of these accounts have a negative balance. Usually, the targets are accounts kept idle. If you are one such accountholder, start the recovery process as early as possible. “First, find out when and how the money was withdrawn. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation () has records of withdrawals. Check the records for the signature on withdrawal slips. If it doesn’t match yours, bring it to the notice of the EPFO and file a claim for your money. It should help you,” …

The WTO is destroying Indian farming. 12000 farmers commit suicide in 2012

The double standards are clear. In 2012, the US provided $100 billion for domestic food aid, up from the $95 billion it spent on feeding its 67 million undernourished population in 2010 including spending on food coupons and other supplementary nutrition programmes. In India, the Food Bill is expected tocost $20 billion and will feed an estimated 850 million people. Against an average supply of 358kg/person of subsidised food aid (including cereals) in the US every year, India promises to make available 60 kg/person in food entitlement. And yet, while the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is quiet on the subsidy being doled out in America for feeding its poor, the US has launched an attack on India for “creating a massive new loophole for potentially unlimited trade-distorting subsidies.”


“WTO Kills Farmers”: India Free Market Reforms Trigger Farmers’ Suicides Many of us remember…

Invest in Gold without buying physical- Gold ETF

Stock broking companies enable you to buy gold ETFs in multiples of about value of cost of 1gm gold.  Since transactions are similar to stocks, Stock broking companies deal in Gold ETFs. Good stock brokers with good ethical reputation are or read more:

Some leaading Gold ETFs:
Gold ETF by HDFC:
Gold ETF by Axis bank:

Investing in companies which do not have good reputation in not advisable as often our investment may land up blocked. For example E-Gold investments at NSEL (National Spot exchange) landed in a scam and blocked investors; money tilll now

US shutdown:Not a joke:Kerry warns on foreign policy impact

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that any prolonged shutdown of the government could affect the US internationally. But, speaking at the Apec forum in Indonesia, he said any impact was "momentary" and Washington's commitment to Asia was "undiminished". President Barack Obama cancelled his Asia visit because of the shutdown. The US government closed non-essential operations on Tuesday after Congress failed to agree a new budget. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees have been sent home, and the House of Representatives voted unanimously to pay them retroactively once the shutdown ends. In a weekly address President Obama said he was not prepared to "pay a ransom in exchange for reopening the government" and that the far right of the Republican party was preventing a Yes-or-No vote. ==== Why is this happening 8 minutes in this video will make you understand:…

Dollar Crisis-US shutdown-fiat system in final stages of collapse- To Golden Opportunity - How?

Watch this video from 8 minutes to 16 minutes:

9:38 Chinese President just recently said that the  dollar is the world's reserve currency is a product of the past 9:46 you to recognize silver and gold is money China and Iran bypass the US 9:50 dollar with a bilateral trade agreement 9:53 Venezuela repatriates it's called China and Japan 9:56 trade directly India and Japan bypass the US dollar 10:00 Russia and Iran trade directly Iran cells 10:04 India oil for rupees and commodities China and Brazil trade directly 10:09 Swiss citizens demand gold repatriation African countries ban the dollar in 10:14 Zambia you can go to jail if you use US dollars 10:18 I you quantitative easing 10:21 number three they have announced at the federal reserve that they're going to be 10:26 they're starting with forty billion dollars a currency they're creating each