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Automation raises Indian IT co's productivity, lowers hiring

Latest figures are a clear sign that India's IT cos are succeeding at 'non-linear' growth, where revenues rise disproportionately compared with hiring
The industry is estimated to have required 16,055 engineers to generate every additional $1 billion of export revenue in 2015-16, compared with 31,846 engineers in 2009-10, a near doubling of the efficiency with which labour is employed.

Global smartphone market shrank annually for first time in Q1 of FY2016-2017

Global shipments of smartphones shrank 3% in the first quarter from a year earlier in the market's first year-on-year contraction on record, researcher Strategy Analytics said, reflecting growing strains on the industry.

Strategy Analytics said in a statement January-March shipments fell to 334.6 million devices from 345 million in the same period a year earlier, as major markets such as China matured and concerns about the global economy weighed on consumer sentiment.

Why NPS is not a good investment

Part 1:
NPS offers you to save for your golden years with tax benefits on your investments. However, the amount of pension is not guaranteed and depends on the accumulated corpus and rates available at the time of vesting. 

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Part 2: From Economic times.
Friends want to know whether they should invest in the NPS. With tax saving driving investment decisions, people are drawn to the additional Rs 50,000 deduction under Sec 80CCD(1b). But here is why I wouldn't be investing in the NPS.

Very long lock-in period
All tax-saving investments have lockin periods, but none as long as that of the NPS. The NPS can only be withdrawn at the age of 60. If you start at the age of 25-30, the lock-in period is 30-35 years. Even then, only 60% of the corpus can be withdrawn, and the remaining 40% will have to be put into an annuity for a monthly pension.

Taxation on maturity
The NPS is not reall…

Good initiative to encourage water harvesting by government of Telangana state, India.

Good initiative by government of Telangana state, India. Posters put up in the city to guide for water harvesting.

Fareed zakaria great speech -Why is middle east engulfed in violence? What is the future of Russia?

Apple users beware: Online scams 'target Apple customers for 'rich pickings' !!

Cybercriminals are targeting people using Apple products as they are more likely to have disposable income, a security expert has warned.

Apple has not taken any substantial steps in this regards OR at least has not publicized it !

Blogger Graham Cluley said that while malware was more common on Windows, Apple customers could not "afford to be lackadaisical" about security.

On Monday, he reported a text message scam that tried to trick people into handing over account information.

Apple's support site warns customers not to enter details on spoof sites.

The text message scammers sent out alerts to victims' smartphones, claiming their Apple ID accounts were going to expire. The message encouraged people to visit a fake website where they were asked to enter their account information.

"It tried to grab personal information and credit card details with the aim of committing identity theft," said Mr Cluley.


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Looks like a fairy tale: Saudia plans Public Investment Fund to control more than $2 trillion and help wean the kingdom off oil.

Saudi Arabia is getting ready for the twilight of the oil age by creating the world's largest sovereign wealth fund for the kingdom's most prized assets.Over a five-hour conversation, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman laid out his vision for the Public Investment Fund, which will eventually control more than $2 trillion and help wean the kingdom off oil. As part of that strategy, the prince said Saudi will sell shares in Aramco's parent company and transform the oil giant into an industrial conglomerate. The initial public offering could happen as soon as next year, with the country currently planning to sell less than 5 percent.It may sound a fairly ok 'business continuity plan' but a strong conglomerates take decades to take shape. So will the Saudi plan play out smoothly and fulfill the aims?