Apple users beware: Online scams 'target Apple customers for 'rich pickings' !!

Cybercriminals are targeting people using Apple products as they are more likely to have disposable income, a security expert has warned.

Apple has not taken any substantial steps in this regards OR at least has not publicized it !

Blogger Graham Cluley said that while malware was more common on Windows, Apple customers could not "afford to be lackadaisical" about security.

On Monday, he reported a text message scam that tried to trick people into handing over account information.

Apple's support site warns customers not to enter details on spoof sites.

The text message scammers sent out alerts to victims' smartphones, claiming their Apple ID accounts were going to expire. The message encouraged people to visit a fake website where they were asked to enter their account information.

"It tried to grab personal information and credit card details with the aim of committing identity theft," said Mr Cluley.


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