Why your cellphone has more germs than a toilet? How to disinfect your mobile phone.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images
Did you take that thing into the toilet with you? And now it's on your face? Eww, gross.
While toilets tend to get cleaned frequently, because people associate the bathroom with germs, cellphones and other commonly handled objects — likeremote controls — are often left out of the cleaning routine.
This is also this case with remote controls, which, Gerba noted, are also often used by people when they're sick. Remotes are more frequently shared, too, so they're usually even worse than phones for spreading germs, he said.
Other common culprits that are hotspots of unseen disease include office phones, shopping carts and the first-floor buttons of elevators, he said.
To limit the spread of diseases from phones or other objects, try not to share them, or wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe if you do. While sprays might damage the equipment, a gentle wipe should do the trick, Gerba said.

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