Some of the hottest Start-ups - simple yet powerful

We are in the midst of an entrepreneurial revolution that is spreading to nearly every nook and cranny on the planet. Even countries plagued with political strife or in the midst of a deep recession are seeing a surge in start-up activity. The phenomenon is indicative of a premise that Endeavor's co-founder Linda Rottenberg really believes in: When economies turn down, entrepreneurs turn up.


Brea, California, USA
Echo Chang

AgeSafe hopes to revolutionize the personal emergency response system (PERS) industry. Current prevalent PERS devices provide a false sense of safety for seniors living alone.


Sheffield, England
Giles Moore

Airstoc is a dedicated marketplace for the professional drone-filming industry, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.
Atikus Insurance

New York, USA
Katherine Woska

Atikus aims to spur commercial lending to small- and medium-sized businesses by providing comprehensive credit insurance.


Haifa, Israel
Ziv Lautman

BreezoMeter is changing the way people interact with the world, by providing them with the resources needed to make informed choices about what environments they inhabit. BreezoMeter is a big-data analytics platform that allows the gathering of data from thousands of air-monitoring sensors worldwide and provides a real-time location-based map of air-pollution levels at the street level.

Colorblind Design

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Adis Ozuna

Colorblind Design is a company dedicated to architectural design and specialized construction of spaces for people with any sort of disability.

Driven Analytics

Moore, Oklahoma, USA
Stephen Soroosh

Driven Analytics uses connected car technology to better target car owners on behalf of dealerships, all the while reducing the anxiety associated with routine car maintenance for drivers.


Paris, France
Robert Harfouche

Efiester is a connected social networking Web platform providing innovative services that facilitate the organization of parties and any kind of festive event.

Amirim, Israel
Lena Levin

The FasTouch fixation system is intended for fixation of prosthetic material to soft tissues in various minimally invasive and open surgical procedures, such as hernia repairs.

Genios en Linea

Monterrey, Mexico
Gabriela Mejia

Genios en Linea is an online platform that offers online tutoring for kids to assist with homework, aid in exam study and provide extra lessons between a certified community of tutors.


New Delhi, India
Manik Mehta

Indian tech start-up Leaf has created a device called Guardian for women who no longer feel safe in their own country. Guardian is a wearable device that works in collaboration with a live tracking mobile application. This device senses danger directed toward the owner, and it automatically sends a signal, along with the location of the victim, to the friends and family as well as to the Guardian control room.
High Touch Courses

Orono, Maine, USA
Elizabeth Chabe

High Touch Courses is an online course system that utilizes gamification and provides on-demand education for the price of aNetflix subscription.
Peerless Wind Systems

Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
Jay Moskowitz

An artistic yet highly energy-efficient vertical-axis wind turbine has been created out of the world of kinetic art for use in the urban environment, island nations and emerging countries, where more than 1 billion people have little or no electricity.

The patent-pending electric generator is designed as a helix and can produce energy at very low wind speeds.
Peerless Wind Systems


Toronto, Canada
Allison Kavanagh
Rumie is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing free digital educational content to children in isolated or underserved communities. Through its initiative, Rumie is providing them with $50 tablets that require only limited power and no Internet. Content comes from the Rumie LearnCloud, which will soon be the largest existing repository of free digital educational content.


Copenhagen, Denmark
Andrea Baccenetti
VoiceBoxer is a multilingual Web presentation service that helps presentations reach audiences anywhere in any language.