All strong world Economies legalise Bitcoin use, most others dispute but dont disallow.

Economically strong countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa have a clearly legal status for Bitrcoin. Most others dispute but don't consider it illegal to transact in Boitcoin eg.Russia,China,India.

Bitcoin explained-why is it the money we control not the banks.

Issues surrounding Bitcoin explained:

As we see the popularity of the Bitcoins gaining, we can see from the highly informative map on CNN website about the status of legality of the Bitcoins by country:

Also there are several sites like which enable locate businessess and store accepting Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin-like it or not-its here to stay and its in demand !!

Bitcoin is in the same as the Internet was in 1960. It can restore the control of money from the the Banks to our hands.

EBay chief supports the usefulness of Bitcoin

The 9 Most Useful Bitcoin Data Resources