Good Book: Master Your Relationship with Money Grow Your Wealth

Table of Contents

Section 1: Creating and maintaining a holistic financial Investment plan
  Chapter 1: Your finances today
  Chapter 2: About financial planning
  Chapter 3: Creating a financial plan - Gathering all your financial information
  Chapter 4:  Creating a financial plan – Budgeting
  Chapter 5: Understanding one’s risk profile
  Chapter 6: Creating a financial plan - Goal planning
  Chapter 7: Reshuffling present investments
  Chapter 8: Protecting your wealth - Creating a financial plan - Insurance planning
  Chapter 9: Creating a financial plan - Retirement planning

Section 2: Retaining the value of your wealth
  Chapter 10: Fighting inflation and capitalizing on compounding

Section 3: Growing your wealth
  Chapter 11: Equity versus debt
  Chapter 12: Property
  Chapter 13: Commodities
  Chapter 14: Speculation
  Chapter 15: Selecting a suitable wealth manager
  Chapter 16: Keeping track of your investments
  Section 4: Bestowing your wealth
  Chapter 17: Will and Estate Planning