Spicejet throws discount BONANZA ! Any ticket at Rs 2013(including all taxes)-sells 2 lac tickets in 2 days!!

SpiceJet has slashed air fares substantially by offering a limited-period sale of 10 lakh seats across its domestic network for an all-inclusive fare of Rs 2,013. The promotional offer  is valid for sale till January 13 from Friday, for travel between February 1 and April 30.


To book login at: http://www.spicejet.com/

 Spice jet CEO makes his airline penetrate to the heart of the market- SpiceJet sells two lakh discount tickets in one day

'The airlines thought that instead of flying with empty seats it’s better to have them full.'
Chennai, Jan 12 (TruthDive): SpiceJet sold two lakh tickets on Friday as it offered a consolidated Rs. 2,013 fare, including all taxes, on its routes from February to April 31.
SpiceJet announced on Friday that one million one-way tickets were available from yesterday till Sunday for Rs. 2,013 on all the domestic routes it flew.
The current fares of the airlines on the New Delhi-Mumbai or New Delhi-Howrah would be less than an AC-II or AC–Ist class railway journey.
India’s largest low-cost airline, IndiGo reduced its fares on routes like Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Bangalore to Rs 2,000 for February. IndiGo maintained that the reduction was in line with the market.
The reduction by SpiceJet fare is 50-60 per cent lower than the normal average price and accounts for 20% of its three-month sales. SpiceJet sells around 45000 seats a day.
With most of the bookings done online, there was a slowdown. The company limited people from logging in simultaneously so that the site did not crash.
SpiceJet CEO Neil Mills said that from February to April it was a low earnings period and they had to struggle to get 75% payload which they get now while Indigo was getting 80%. The airlines thought that instead of flying with empty seats it’s better to have them full.