Net income of top 0.1% rich has shot 175% since 1980 while the top 10% far less.

It's worth pointing out again, however, how much the disparity between rich and poor, as well as the disparity between the rich and the really rich, has widened over the past few decades.
Source: Mother Jones
As the chart above shows, the gap between the bottom 90 percent and the top 1 percent has expanded since 1980. But that gap is nothing compared with the difference in income between the top 0.01 percent -- naturally shown in money green -- and everyone else.
The average real income of the top 1 percent has increased more than 175 percent as the bottom 90 percent merely treads water. During the same period, the top earners -- the 1 percent of the 1 percent – have gained about 500 percent.
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