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Indian law to legallly bind irresponsible children to care for their parents

Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 is a law which legally provides upto Rs 10000 for parents through their children.

News from Deccan Chronicle:
HyderabadA widowed mother had a flat registered in her name and it was her only property. Out of love for her only son and also the mounting pressure from him, she gifted it hoping that he would help her lead a dignified life.
However, days after he got the gift deed and flat in his name, her son threw her out and the woman was left with no option but to approach an NGO for help. They approached the division level tribunal formed under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007.
"For the first time, the tribunal hearing the case cancelled the gift deed and returned the flat to the mother. The revenue divisional officer who headed the tribunal, didn't think twice before taking this decision," said P. Shyam advocacy officer of HelpAge India.
This incident happened in Hyderabad where the awareness about laws is high. However, the reportage and follow up in many of the rural and town areas are low as many of the divisional level tribunals endowed with the implementation and creating awareness of the Act aren't working or do not exist, experts said.
"In the Telugu states, districts like Medak, Srikakulam, Nellore are faring badly if the work of Tribunals is considered. In many divisions, the mandatory Tribunals haven't even been formed," said Mr Shyam.
Also, though at the district level, the knowledge about the existing law is comparatively better, the awareness level is low in rural areas, resulting in low reportage of incidents. The divisional level officers, who head the tribunals are more often than not occupied with their works and are hardly left with any time to address such social issues. "The law is very comprehensive. What is lacking is its implementation as it is still not reaching the public," said Raza Mohammed, the acting head of Telangana HelpAge India.
Old parents are left at hospitals:
"Did something happen to my son? Is he hurt?" This was the reaction of Jayamma (name changed), an 80-year-old widow, after being left unattended at the Government Chest Hospital of Hyderabad by her only son. 
She had shifted to the city two years ago, and all she could recall about her son's house was "There were several tall buildings."Jayamma's son didn't leave a single official document or any money with her and never returned. She was eventually shifted to an old-age home.

Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 :
From the act:
Maintenance includes provision for food, clothing, residence, medical attendance and treatment. Maximum amount which may be ordered for maintenance of a senior citizen by the Tribunal shall be such as prescribed by the State Government which shall not exceed Rs. 10,000/- per month. 
Details of the act:


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