The one chart to answer your questions on Gold, Crude etc.: Asset Price Bubbles Since 1976

This chart shows the inflation adjusted performance of the FHFA Housing Index, Gold, Oil and the NASDAQ since 1976.

Housing and Crude oil seem to be at a god level to invest expecting good returns for the next 10 years period. 

The shaded parts of the charts are periods of recession. We can see that the periods of recession are not overlapping tops or bottoms of any asset.

 The world financial system moved from the relative discipline of the gold-dollar, fixed-currency standard to a system of free-floating currencies in 1973. This move unleashed a series of asset pricing bubbles over the subsequent decades as there was scope for unlimited money supply.
Data Sources: LBMA, EIA, Yahoo Finance

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Clicking on the names of different assets at the bottom of the chart in the link given below, will remove its curve from the main chart.


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