Pictures of Ashikaga Flower Park of Japan.

Just beautiful, hard to believe they can grow like this.
Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan 's Tochigi Province , famous for various kinds of Wisteria.  

Park features a lot of Ashikaga colors of blue, white and pink wisteria and yellow blooms.

Park flowers, usually in full bloom in early May, two weeks later than the flowering wisteria is in Tokyo . Ashikaga is considered one of the best places to view the blooming wisteria in Japan , flowers in the park are planted very close to each other to create beautiful and intricate compositions.

Park has a 100 years old wisteria. About 160 wisteria at 60 years old. 1,500 azaleas or at more than 60 years old.

For a century the park created huge wisteria frames to support the huge umbrella of violet-blue flowers. There's also a long tunnel of white wisteria and yellow broom kingusari tunnel will take many years to become an actual tunnel.

Since the wisteria vines, park workers didn't miss the opportunity to create tunnels of these beautiful flowers. One such tunnel is already open to thousands of visitors to violet-blue colors of these plants.