Citizens urged to help birds quench thirst- put a bowl of water in your balcony today

If your garden looks thirsty, then the birds are thirsty too so help them out and provide a safe place for them to drink
Lot of birds die due  to thirst:
In a balcony-below:

Why do birds need a bath?

How many crackers can you eat without having a drink? Seed eaters, such as greenfinches, have dry meals and desperately need a drink to wash them down.
In fact, most small birds need to drink at least twice a day so being able to rely on a supply in your garden can make a big difference.

Birds need water for drinking and their feathery ablutions too - bathing and preening are essential to keep feathers in good condition.

Put out a balcony bird bath

If you have a balcony, stick out a bird bath – you’ll have a great view. You can get hanging versions if you don’t have space for a container.
  • A small bath is big enough. Shallow is best and don’t forget, bright colours aren’t popular with birds. A seed tray or saucer for a plant pot are good options.
  • Hang the bath from a bracket – perfect if you have limited space. Take care to secure the bracket to keep visiting birds and the people below safe!
  • Make sure a free-standing bird bath isn’t too heavy for your balcony; stone or ceramic are best avoided.
  • Whatever type of container you use, a sloping edge or ramp help small birds and other animals get out if they fall in.