Health tech startups to watch at the first ever HIMSS Startup Showcase

1.     Catalyze- Simplify building apps for healthcare
Catalyze offers compliant, cloud-based software for the healthcare industry and simplifies health app development. Catalyze hosted infrastructure breaks down barriers to consumer engagement and helps enterprises manage relationships with consumers.
What We Like: Huge potential to become the healthcare version of Rackspace/Amazon for hosted core infrastructure required to build modern apps for health and wellness.
Traction: Catalyze recently raised $2M last November co-led by Baird Capital’s venture capital group, Arthur Ventures and Chicago Ventures, with participation from the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, Gener8tor, Angels on the Water and other individual investors.
2.     Cureatr - Secure Messaging and Workflow Navigation for Mobile Care Coordination
An estimated 50 percent of preventable medical errors are caused by poor communication between physicians. Cureatr solves care coordination challenges by addressing basic communication needs with HIPAA secure inter- and intra-organizational group messaging and directory integration.
What We Like: Impressive team, which includes Alex Khomenko, an early engineer at genetic testing company 23andme and PayPal.
Traction: Mount Sinai Medical Center has adopted the solution across their enterprise and the startup raised $5.7M in funding last October, including graduating from the inaugural class of the NY Digital Health Accelerator.
3. Tonic Health- The World’s Best Data Collection Platform
Tonic is revolutionizing medical data collection by making it MUCH more patient-friendly and highly actionable. This translates into greater patient engagement, more accurate data, improved patient screening and tracking, increased efficiency and lower costs for healthcare organizations everywhere.
What We Like: Beautiful UI and user experience. Makes taking surveys actually fun for patients.
Traction: 10 of the top 15 hospitals use Tonic. Nuff said.
4.    Pristine- Telehealth communications through Google Glass
Pristine is delivering the next generation of telehealth communication solutions through Google Glass. Pristine EyeSight and CheckLists are the only HIPAA compliant, handsfree, voice-controlled video streaming and checklist solutions available for Google Glass in healthcare settings.
What We Like: Huge market opportunity to deploy Google Glass in healthcare for safer, more cost effective healthcare at the point of care.
Traction: Partnerships with Wound Care Advantage and UC Irvine Health.
5. Filament Labs- Patient Engagement Platform
Filament Labs is building Patient IO™ — a mobile and patient-first engagement platform. It gives outpatient health professionals the tools to track and manage patient health conditions anytime, anywhere. With it, you can empower patients to manage their own care between visits with condition-specific education, reminders, and tasks built around their treatment schedule and delivered seamlessly to their mobile phone.
What We Like: Rock star team with founders having previous exits to WebMD, Expedia and Rev Worldwide. Smart decision to initially focus on on the infusion & dialysis space, a 14,000 clinic / $27B market.
Traction: Chosen by Aetna to be included in their CarePass platform
6. HealthLoop- CRM for Doctors
HealthLoop is a cloud-based platform that automates follow-up care; keeping doctors, patients and care-givers connected between visits with clinical information that is insightful, actionable, and engaging. Our peer-reviewed follow-up plans automate the routine aspects of care while tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern. Our analytics engine sifts through and filters the deluge of patient-generated data in realtime; focusing the care team’s time and attention on patients who need them the most.
What We Like: Founded by Dr. Jordan Shlain who started HealthLoop out of his frustrations from watching his patient’s symptoms that went unnoticed and unreported between visits that often lead to emergency care.
Traction: Recently raised $10M in Series A led by Canvas Venture Fund
7. Vheda Health- Real time approach to Chronic Disease Care
Vheda Health logo
Using proven clinical research,Vheda Health’s technology-enabled service provides patients suffering from chronic diseases an intensive, personalized care intervention with frequent high-touch, high-quality interactions from a real care team staffed by us; accessible on any mobile device.
What We Like: Addressing a huge healthcare problem with diabetes related hospitalizations costing $71B annually, due to lack of personalized attention or education.
Traction: Great partnerships including John Hopkins Bloomberg, Telecare and Palametto Proactive Healthcare.
8. Epion Health- Patient Engagement at the Point of Care
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Epion Health is leveraging the power of mobile devices at the point of care to deliver interactive solutions to both patients and providers.
What We Like: Seamless integration with PHR & EHRs. Potential to increase patient portal use from an average of 20% to 90% supporting Meaningful Use qualification.
Traction: World class partners including Athenahealth, Mayo Clinic and HealthiNation.
9. Clinigence- From Patient Data to Healthcare Value
Clinigence: Clinical Business Intelligence software as a Service Leading the Way from Patient Data to Healthcare Value
Clinigence is a transformational clinical business intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. Clinigence empowers healthcare providers to transform their business successfully from volume- to value-based payment models by leveraging their patient data and our game-changing technology.
What We Like: Big market opportunity with 58 percent of healthcare organizations have yet to implement a BI system. Veteran team of health IT professionals.
Traction: Recent partnerships with Indiana Lakes Accountable Care Organization, Dashboard MD, ePatientFinder and SpringCharts.
10. Wellframe- GPS for Health
Wellframe Picture
Wellframe gives people with complex chronic diseases a GPS navigation system for their health. Our system empowers patients by giving them step-by-step guidance and human support. Wellframe uses technology to amplify rather than replace therapeutic relationships.
What We Like: Unique approach to care delivery using human-computer hybrids backed by successful clinical trails.
Traction: Rock Health alum and Merck Innovation Challenge finalist.