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Jet Airways puts lives in great danger as plane altitude drops 5000 feet as pilot sleeps, co-pilot busy on tablet

In an incident that could raise serious concerns, a Jet Airways flight
flying from Mumbai to brussels plunges 5000 feet in altitude. The Jet
Airways flight 9W 228 was flying at an altitude of 34,000 feet
suddenly went for a free fall while flying over Ankara airspace in
Turkey, media reports suggested.

The pilot and copilot jolted into their senses after a call from the
Ankara air traffic control.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an
enquiry into the matter. Jet Airways is conducting its own enquiry and
has grounded the pilot and copilot since Wednesday.

Preliminary enquiry suggests that the pilot was taking a nap which is
allowed under the rules. The copilot in charge of the aircraft did not
realise the descent as she was busy on her tablet.

In an email response to a business daily, Jet Airways said, "Jet
Airways has initiated an internal inquiry into the matter. The airline
is also extending all cooperation in the matter to the DGCA by
providing all necessary assistance for the inquiry. Safety is of
paramount importance to Jet Airways, as is also the welfare of our
guests and crew and the airline will always take appropriate steps to
ensure the same."


M Khalid Munir,


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