Scholarship account for online transfer of fund for a student directly to AMU finance department to ensure proper use.

I got the following mail from a senior Aligarian, Dr Mohsin Raza, whom I know. He has helped a number of students and took many initiatives to help AMU students:


Scholarship account by AMU for online transfer of fund directly to AMU


Bank: State Bank of India

Account number: 34425393905

IFSC code: SBIN0005555


MICR number : 202002003

Branch code: 05555

Dear Friends Assalamoalaikum

A large number of scholarships are awarded to AMU students by Aligarians around the world.The current practice is that cash is handed over to the students by various organizations or individuals.It has been observed that some scheming students extract scholarships simultaneously from multiple sources thus depriving the other needy.It is not possible to share the list of awardees between the donors .Many students,instead of depositing fee,spend the money elsewhere.At the end of session they run from pillar to post to seek funds to clear their dues for hall ticket.

On the request from some alumni,the Finance Officer has opened a dedicated scholarship account :”world of Aligs-scholarship account “ in the SBI,AMU Branch,Aligarh (Details given above. See copy of the Notice at the end of this page)

This will ensure transparency and avoid cash handling by individuals and students.It will also trace if the student gets from more than one source.


Donors, through this email( )will provide details of student(s) for whom the scholarship amount has been transferred by them. Copy of email shall be sent to (a) student (b) organization viz ;,,thealigarhforum , or or other AMU related groups on internet (c) Provost of respective Hall.

3. Student will approach Provost and claim scholarship

4. Provost will recommend application of student indicating the amount payable by student to Office of Provost

5. Finance Office will issue a cheque favouring Provost through which Hall dues / dining Hall charges shall be realized

6. In case the amount transferred by donor is more than the charges, balance shall be maintained in the account and shall be used for other student on recommendation of donor.

The account has been opened and following are details are given in letter from Finance office as attachment

Dr Mohsin Raza

Senior Consultant General Surgeon (Oman)

Moderator -"Worldofaligs"

Moderator -"Abdomen & Chest Trauma" ,

& Facilitator - "Breast Cancer awareness among Indian women"


cell 0091 8126039175

Read more about Dr Mohsin Raza:

The scanned copy of the notice dated 25 Nov 2014 is given below: