Top 15 skills in demand in the World and in the USA: from LinkedIn

For the world:
25 hottest skills to recruit for on linkedin

For USA:
The 15 hottest skills of 2014 in the U.S. on LinkedIn were:
  1. Cloud and distributed computing
  2. Statistical analysis and data mining
  3. Middleware and integration software
  4. Network and information security
  5. Mobile development
  6. Foreign language translation
  7. Storage systems and management
  8. Mac, Linux and Unix systems
  9. Java development
  10. Perl/Python/Ruby
  11. Algorithm design
  12. Digital and online marketing
  13. Computer graphics and animation
  14. Data engineering and date warehousing
  15. Software QA and user testing
I think rest of them are not so important to focus so I did not list them however, for deeper insights: Completed list of 25 skills: