Is your passport a MRP or not? Indian citizens living are advised to apply for urgent re-issuance of their passports.

Copied from a public notice


Ministry of External Affairs

(Patiala House, Tilak Marg, New Delhi)

Government of India

CPV Division
Dated: December 23, 2014



Indian citizens living in India and abroad are advised to apply for urgent re-issuance of their passports in the following


The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has

set a deadline of the 24th November, 2015 for globally

phasing out of all non-Machine Readable Passports (MRPs).

From the 25th November, 2015 onwards, foreign Governments

may deny Visa or entry to any person travelling on a non-
Machine Readable Passport.

The Government of India has been issuing Machine

Readable Passports since 2001. The Passports, however, issued

before 2001 and particularly those issued during mid 1990s with

a validity of 20 years will fall in the category of non-MRPs. All

handwritten passports with pasted photographs are also

considered non-MRPs.

By the end of November 2014, it is estimated that there are

approximately 2.86 lakh handwritten passports in circulation.

Approximately 6 crore Indian hold valid passports.

Indian citizens residing in India and abroad and holding

such passports with validity beyond the 24th November, 2015

are advised to apply for re-issue of their passports well before

the deadline in order to avoid any inconvenience in obtaining

valid visa or international travel.