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A HCL Tech job worth $75000 could be just a tweet away!

The growing clout of the social media appears to have drawn frontline Indian IT company HCL Technologies Ltd to conduct the selection process for a job over Twitter.
The drive is not however a large-scale recruitment campaign like the one conducted on college campuses and from the material made available by the company it is for one post, for a year. But the entire interview process is to be conducted on cyberspace.
In a release the company issued from Sunnyvale, California, and filed with the stock exchanges in India, the company announced the launch of what it described as the 'first global Twitter recruitment campaign’ styled 'Coolestinterviewer’ from February 10. HCL Tech said it would conduct a series of interviews exclusively over Twitter and the selected candidate would have the chance to work "on a year long strategic project with the company’s top management".
The interview would run for three weeks consecutively and the interested candidates from across the globe would be connected with the company's HR executives through Twitter. The five top applicants would participate in one-on-interviews on Twitter. In the third and last week, HCL would choose one candidate who would serve for 12 months in one of the five chosen roles. The company’s tempting description of the jobs is that they are "tailormade for those who are young-at-heart’ and who excelled in their chosen sphere of activity.
Job profiles
The five jobs listed by HCL Tech for the winner in the global job hunt are Ideapreneurship Evangelist, Big Data Guru, Hacker-in Chief, Digital Voyager and Womenspiration. HCL Tech release described the job profile of each role.
Ideapreneurship Evangelist would have the opportunity to visit different HCL offices to share his/her ideas/ thoughts with the staff. The Big Data Guru would work directly with the analysis and data research teams of HCL Tech and get exposure to 76 industries throughout the globe.
The Hacker-in Chief would work with the web design and project delivery teams of the company and as Digital Voyager, the candidate would have the chance to rub shoulders with the company’s digital marketing team and as Womenspiration, the selected person would interact with the staff to explore new avenues within HCL where "women will emerge as future leaders and help craft a strategy to ensure women empowerment within HCL".
The compensation package was alluring. The chosen candidate would receive up to $75,000, apart from the opportunity to work on strategic projects with HCL and "access to an HCL leadership mentor in his or her particular field".
Explaining the reasons for the launch of the global campaign on social media, Prithvi Shergill, Chief Human Resources Officer, HCL Technologies, said that the campaign was "an extension of our employee-centric culture" that was designed to unearth new talent in the IT field even while strengthening HCL Tech’s position as a "progressive organisation utilising new age media to refresh the recruitment process".


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