India will teach rest of the world about mobile internet: head of Google’s sales and operations in the Asia — Pacific

How do you look at the trend in India,  where most new internet users are coming online through mobile phones?

We are learning a lot from what is happening in this region. Google is a ‘mobile first’ company. We are also in the process of transitioning many of our products to that. And you will see that the search experience on mobile devices is phenomenal because of the many tools that we have. And products like Google Now throw answers to people’s queries even before they have the impetus to make those. We have products on the advertising side, which enable companies to target users based on the location. It improves the users’ experience and provides great benefits from returns on investment perspective.
What is your learning out of India, as most of the users here are going to access internet through mobile devices and that could limit monetisation?

I don’t think mobile limits the (monetisation) options, in fact it expands it. The mobile device has tremendous tools; it has sensors; it tells where you are; it can hear you; it has a sense of direction in which you are going; it has eyes through the camera. So it can provide enhanced advertising experience. We have already created some great tools. As the market continues to evolve, we will try to understand better the usage of the mobile by the consumers as well as by the advertisers.