UK:BBC Documentary:pathetic state of a qualified person looking for a job, how companies exploit interns.

Its really the interns' fault to work for free !!

BBC Documentary: Who Gets the Best Jobs?

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2 in 3 members of the house of Lords are privately educated - Why??

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More than 50% of doctors in UK went to private schools.

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Shameful conduct of the newspaper The Independent:
Girish Gupta was rebuked by higher management for asking a minimum wage from The Independent working as a intern journalist even when 6 of his articles were published in his brief internship


NYU Exploits Interns as Cheap Labor for Startups

NYU Exploits Interns as Cheap Labor for Startups

Vandita Sharma writes code for a company that turns old radiators into high-tech heating devices. Gaurav Chhabra develops software that lets computers identify objects on camera. Paul Dariye is designing an app for a startup that helps nonprofits raise money.
The three engineers are paid $11 an hour or less by New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering, which has placed them in internships at small companies. Their work is at the center of a battle between NYU’s administration and the graduate student union, which is demanding higher wages for interns at the university’s startup incubators.
Engineers who do jobs comparable to those of Polytechnic’s interns make roughly $43 per hour, according to Glassdoor, a website that tracks salaries. “It’s not just sitting at the reception of some company,” says Sharma, a computer engineering master’s degree student at NYU. “It is very wrong.”

“Intern Nation”: Are we exploiting a generation of workers?

"Intern Nation": Are we exploiting a generation of workers?